the scope

"Current prosthetic models simply aren't sufficient for aged users to move around with confidence. We aim to provide confidence and an improved quality of life."

half of elderly lower limb amputees  who experience a fall      never resume walking again

Amputation Statistics:

  • 1.9 million amputees in US

  • 86% are lower limb amputees.

  • 179,000 lower limb amputations occur annually


     Aging        Population:

  • 65% of amputations are on individuals 50 years or older
  • 82% of amputations are due
    to peripheral vascular disease
    and diabetes
  • 65+ year growth rate is 3x the nearest age group

Risk during recovery:

  • 60% of lower limb amputees who fall in the recovery ward sustain injury
  • 32% of inpatient admissions were complicated by a fall
  • 56% of amputees reported falling after inpatient release
  • 27% of amputees report a fall-related injury

the design

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 - easy to use

     - Sleek, aesthetic design

          - smooth, Hands-Free Transitions

     - reduces fall risk

- Affordable



A carbon-fiber body provides an ideal balance of structural integrity while remaining light weight and aesthetically pleasing. The Knee's sleek anatomical design is both practical and attractive. 

A calf shaped button on the back of the knee acts to trigger the unlocking mechanism when decompressed. A resistive band dampens decent and aids in extension, allowing for a SMOOTH, HANDS-FREE TRANSITIONS so that you can FEEL CONFIDENT in your day-to-day activities.